Interactions | Design + data

Wednesday 29 September – 12:00 to 13:00 (BST)


For many organisations, the biggest breakthroughs come when they connect different, and seemingly disparate, ideas and approaches. A diverse range of perspectives has been shown time and again to foster fresh thinking to solve tough problems. Such is the promise for organisations that can effectively bring together data and design.

Interactions is a quarterly CX, design, and research meet-up hosted by Infinity Works, part of Accenture. Our third meet-up will focus on the many intersections of design and data, from using data to inform design decisions, to effective information design and fostering a ‘data culture’ that empowers organisations to view data as an asset.

The myths and lores of conversion rate optimisation must die

David Mannheim, Global VP of CRO at Brainlabs

Who is in the driving seat – design or data?

Dominic Hurst, Senior Designer at Infinity Works

The design process for data visualisations

Emily Blandford, Information Design Lead at Mudano


The speakers

David Mannheim, Global VP of CRO at Brainlabs

David is a former founder, building (and successfully exiting) one of the UK’s largest independent conversion optimisation consultancies – User Conversion. Now Global VP of Conversion Rate Optimisation at Brainlabs building world-class conversion products for digital businesses. And Digital Board Advisor for Ruroc and Current Body; two exciting ecommerce businesses pushing boundaries away from homogenised user experiences.


Dominic Hurst, Senior Designer at Infinity Works

Dominic has been creating digital experiences for over 21 years in a variety of sectors and now is unlocking the value as a Senior Consultant at Infinity Works. He’s an advocate for UX and customer-centric “insight” driven design and has been shifting organisations towards data led developments whilst still keeping “user needs” at the heart of their digital offerings.


Emily Blandford, Information Design Lead at Mudano

Emily leads the information design practice for Mudano, a data consultancy focused on innovation and culture change. She specialises in user-centred data visualisation, and is fascinated by how design can affect people's understanding of data and influence the insights they gain from it.

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